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Cirius Engineering, LLC., combines modernized technology, latest software, and engineering expertise to examine building systems to determine the buildings’ full potential for energy efficiency. Designing a system for sustainability, functionality as well as comfortability to reduce operating costs and carbon footprint will guide our clients to achieve the best ROI while lowering utility risk.


Cirius Engineering understands the process to design an optimized built environment for energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy costs and enhanced building performance. Our team verifies that a new building's processes operate according to the owner's project requirements (OPR). Our team takes the challenge of complex projects and creates innovative ways to integrate systems.

Design Build Support

Our goal is to implement our core values in every project to significantly impact collaborative and innovative methods to ensure owners maximize savings, clients time, and occupant’s comfortability, health and safety. We stay informed of cutting-edge technology that yields best results for collaboration with other trades for concise and accurate communication and understanding of design deliverables.

Energy Analysis

Our team examines your current design to provide innovative ways to enhance occupant well-being, daylight analysis, whole-building life cycle, economic savings and ROI via energy assessment.


Cirius Engineering leverages and transforms a client’s core model capabilities to create a positive economic, social and environmental impact in ways that are profitable by recommended strategies and tools that align with sustainable rating systems.

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